Thank you for your interest in selling with Brunk Auctions. We are a consignment-based auction house, so we do not buy objects or estates outright. This means that your goal as a consignor and our goal as your representative in the marketplace are the same: the best possible price and a smooth, transparent transaction. Based on photographs or firsthand evaluation, our specialists will provide feedback on the current market and provide preliminary auction estimates. Click here to start the consignment process.

  • You do not need an appraisal to sell with us. Our specialists provide evaluations and an estimate on how the object(s) will sell at auction.

    It is important to include some basic information about the object you are interested in consigning. Be sure to provide good overall photos of the object along with a brief description. Other useful information to consider including in your submission are the item’s dimensions, where the object was purchased, any history or provenance of the piece, if there is any damage, and if there are any labels, signatures or maker’s marks on the piece. If you have a large collection or estate, a few representative photos and descriptions will help us the most.

  • We pride ourselves on the brief amount of time it takes us to respond to inquiries. Once your photos are received, our specialists will review them and contact you within two weeks.

    Should we agree to work together, we will formalize the agreement in a contract called a Consignment Agreement. The Consignment Agreement will have all the details of sale on it, from the list of objects to be sold, to personal contact information. We will contact you before the sale to discuss final auction estimates.

  • The seller’s commission is a percentage of the sales price of the auction, otherwise known as hammer price. We do not charge up-front or hidden fees, and our commissions are inclusive of insurance, marketing, and photography. Our commission differs based on the value and rarity of the objects you intend to consign. We always strive to keep commissions competitive, and we feel they reflect our quality and standard of service.

  • It’s okay if you aren’t local. We work with consignors from all parts of the country. We take pride in our use of full-time employees to professionally transport your property to our gallery in Asheville, North Carolina. This fee is minimal and is only to cover the costs of transportation.

    Once your objects are in our possession, whether in our vehicles or in our offices, they are fully covered by our insurance policy.

  • After an auction, you will be sent an itemized settlement statement, listing the objects which you consigned, and their hammer price. Once this document is signed and returned, we are able to send your settlement check.





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